Why Choose Dunmore? Part 1 Bigger, and Better

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November 25, 2019
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December 16, 2019
Have you ever wanted to live close to schools, shopping, and city centres, but just could not imagine your life without your large yard?


Dunmore presents the most perfect coupling of urban lifestyle, with rural space! Located less than ten minutes from Medicine Hat Mall, you could consider Dunmore as a part of The Hat!


So, you have the convenience of city living…. But what about your space?


Dunmore is considered its own hamlet within Cypress County and so you still enjoy the sense of community, scenery, and copious space that comes with rural living!


Sound too good to be true?


Lets take a look at some numbers! Here is a comparison of lot sizes of lots in Dunmore, with the lot sizes in Medicine Hat.


The average lot in Medicine Hat is not even half of what you get in Dunmore!


So, why consider Dunmore? Because the numbers don’t lie… bigger is best!


Dunmore offers the city convenience, without jeopardizing that small town, rural experience, sense of community, and freedom!


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