Why Choose Dunmore? Part 4: The Advantages

Dunmore part 3
Why Choose Dunmore? Part 3: A History of Dunmore
March 21, 2020

What would a current Dunmore resident tell you about moving into town?


In this exclusive interview, longtime Dunmore resident Sherry Schell shared what makes her believe that Dunmore is an excellent place to live for people of all ages, whether you are looking to wind down, or if you’re beginning your family adventure!

Why Dunmore instead of Medicine Hat?

The most obvious advantage of Dunmore is also the one that simply cannot be overlooked…

The lot sizes in Dunmore make every home feel like an acreage home. Sherry discussed how she appreciates the lot sizes because of the privacy they provide! Unlike the common issue of many city lots, you are not extremely close to your neighbours house… Dunmore gives off natural privacy.

However, residents do not need to sacrifice any city convenience for the sake of acreage privacy and quietness! It is a quick drive into Medicine Hat to all of the city amenities.

Sherry enjoys the quiet, safe, and neighbourly atmosphere of Dunmore. It provides a small town atmosphere where residents feel safe and not bothered by traffic or busy streets. It is precisely this quietness, privacy, and sense of safety that is Sherry’s favourite thing about living in Dunmore!

Dunmore walking path
A walking path in Dunmore

What about kids and family life in Dunmore?

Sherry discussed the value of the ‘small town safety’ for when her kids were growing up, and how feeling comfortable that her kids are safe in their community makes her residency in Dunmore great.

In Dunmore, there is no high traffic streets that present dangers to young kids, and people tend to drive considerately and slowly on residential streets. So, parents like Sherry can feel confident that their children are safe riding their bikes on the street, or walking to the local parks!

“My kids always rode their bikes out front without a worry”‘


A surprise to many, schooling in Dunmore is very accessible and safe for kids from kindergarten ages, to high school! Sherry talked about the excellent reassurance that was provided when the school bus picked up and dropped off her children right at their front door! The school bus picks children up from their street and brings them directly to Irvine School for grades K-9. Eagle Butte High School, which is right in town, is an easy walk, bike, or drive for high school kids as well!

What hidden gems does Dunmore have to offer?

We are aware of the obvious gems: the lot size, the small town personality.

But what about the hidden gems? Something you need to live there to know about?


Sherry talked about the brand new walking path in Dunmore! Like all other parts of Dunmore, the walking path is not busy like many city paths, which means you and your family, you and your dog, or just you will likely have the path to yourself! The path goes behind the new Yuma Valley development and so you’ll have views of the beautiful show homes, along with newly planted trees for years to come. Not to mention, the path is placed in the perfect spots to view the impeccable sunrises and sunsets in Dunmore!


Other residents also commented on how on the streets, there is always neighbours outside walking and greeting each other! So, you’ll easily meet new neighbours and likely be welcomed into your new community with open arms!

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The most exclusive community in Dunmore

This is the first full land development where Jasper Homes is the developer and the builder! The lots in this community are huge – nearly half acre sized! Yuma Valley is an up-and-coming, exclusive development located in the heart of Dunmore, only 2.6 kilometers southeast of Medicine Hat, AB. Perfect for those seeking safe, comfortable, and luxurious lifestyles.


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